7th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit

22 – 23 February 2023 | Vienna



Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies

Igoris Ryklys

Head of Digital Channels

Joris Hensen

Founder and Co-Lead
Deutsche Bank API Program

Marco Eijsackers

Global Head of Digital
Strategy & Transformation

Lenka Pincot

Head of Agile Transformation

Bartosz Witorze

Head of CRM

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

In a world without borders being transparent, innovative and adaptive is not an option, but a necessity. Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain & Metaverse are game-changers in every industry and especially banking. Either you dive into it, explore and find a way for your company to handle it, or drop out and stay behind those who dared to do so.
The 7th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit was designed to examine current trends and challenges that retail banking has faced over the year. During this two-day conference, we will look through the main lessons learnt from the past when experimenting with technologies, innovations that open a new performance level for banking, as well as pitfalls everyone should be aware of to ensure efficient workflow in the upcoming year.
Get yourself a seat among other proactive leaders and professionals who will shape the banking industry in 2023. Join live discussions and interactive roundtables to share your practices and learn from the colleagues. This summit will provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on things you already know and the ways to move forward in your bank’s success journey.

Cover Over 7 Topics

  • Blockchain Technology as a promising solution to resist fraud, safeguard data, and prevent money laundering
  • Cryptocurrency and “interest-bearing accounts”
  • The personalisation of digital tools as a way to save time and money, as well as increase the number of new consumers
  • Workforce transformation and new ways of working for the Retail division
  • Sustainability at the core of next-generation banking
  • Implementation of interactive tools on the bank’s website to help consumers in understanding your bank’s services
  • Metaverse is here. Why should banks even think about the metaverse?

Good variety of presentations. Useful and engaging event – thank you!

UBS– Director Group Technology

Very interesting and very enlightening with varied experience and points of view

Rabobank– SVP Fintech & Innovation

Very useful information, excellent content and very professional quality of speakers.

Raiffeisen Bank– Senior Information Security Management Director

It was well organised and covered broad knowledge with relevant to the point topics.

UniCredit– Head of UX Design & Research, CEE Retail Division

Few photos from our summits


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