6th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit

23 – 24 February 2022 | Vienna

The digital transformation has been one of the aspects that have given the banking sector a glimpse of the future. However, the recent sequence of events has made banks reassess if to accelerate even more or directly pause its pace. All the bank institutions had to twist their focus and were forced to fight with exploded work-from-home systems and avalanche of digital solutions demands.

The 6th Retail Banking Technologies Summit is a banking conference where world-class experts will discuss the new digital trends in retail banking, the role of FinTechs and their contribution, changing customer expectations, challenges of blockchain, API technology, data privacy, cyber security and many others. At this interactive meeting, you will meet a solid network of professionals that work for top players in the banking field. They will share their knowledge acquired during the years of experience and provide you with unique tips.

If you would like to learn more about different views, challenges and predictions, reserve one of the limited seats at this event!

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • What are the most trending technologies in which your bank should definitely invest?
  • Leading discussions on Open Banking: How can banks leverage the new trends?
  • Data privacy concerns: How to protect yourself and your clients?
  • The blockchain revolution: How is it changing the landscape and what to take into consideration when it comes to safety?
  • How to improve the quality of self-service and why is it important?
  • The role of FinTechs: Is it crucial for improving the customer experience?
  • What is awaiting the banking sector in the future?



VP Innovation Technology


Data Privacy Engineering: How the Potential of Private and Sensitive Data Can Be Utilised by Banks?

Data is often called the "new oil". And indeed, the variety of new business models’ potentials is only by the limitation that data privacy laws and regulation pose on that. Classical anonymisation techniques do not always fit for purpose: a lot of valuable information get lost, often this data can be de-anonymised and these techniques are prone to human error due to the manual nature of the approaches. There is as an array of new technologies on the block which may help to address the issues.

• Limitations of use of private and sensitive data
• Overview of state of the data privacy engineering technologies
• Applicability and use cases in the financial industry

Lavinia MORRIS

Chief Operations Officer


Recipes for Success in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Transformation is escaping no industry, region or even organisation, and it is merely breadth and depth where we find divergence – in this talk we will explore the leadership philosophy and practises that have been tried and tested to enable leaders and their enterprises navigate transformation, business renewal and sustainable innovation.

Alexander ULYANOV

Head of Retail MLOps


MLOps & XOps or How to Build Infrastructure for AI & ML Solutions

Machine learning solutions are important to modern retail banking, but they do not give profit until they are in production. To do that you should solve the following problems (besides developing a qualitative model): implementing model in production environ-ment, delivering data to model, delivering results of the model to consumer. It is XOps – Top Gartner’s trend in 2021. You will touch it from a real campaigning’s case.

• What do you need for production ML solutions?
• Who do you need for production ML solutions?
• How to build end-to-end process for implementing ML

Gerald ERTL

Head of Digital Banking Solutions


Integrated Financial Assistance Solutions as a Game Changer for Retail Banking

Sophisticated and integrated financial assistance solutions are the new trend in retail banking and will be a game changer. You can also see parallels to the automotive industry. The necessity for intelligent assistants is enormous due to information overload of customers. The different customer segment in retail have got different needs to such solutions and the technical potential is currently not really used.

• Intelligent and personalised digital assistants are a game changer in retail banking
• Solutions need to consider different customers’ needs
• Current solutions use technical potential not really


Head of Cloud Adoption and SRE


Cloud Enabled Business Transformation

Almost every organisation on the planet is in the process of moving their technology estate to the cloud. This topic explores the rationale for this move and how that has changed over time, the challenges with moving to the cloud and the key get rights.

• Rationale
• Challenges
• Get rights

Very useful information, excellent content and very professional quality of speakers.

Senior Information Security Management Director, Raiffeisen Bank

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