5th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit

24 – 25 February 2021 | Online

The 5th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit has been designed to discuss the latest industry trends and developments on the market, mainly focusing on digital technologies and innovations, artificial intelligence and automation of routine work, digital transformation during the global crisis, building partnerships between banks and FinTechs, data-driven strategies, key Open Banking trends for the future, the use of APIs for the transformation to an Open Banking, regulatory compliance and much more. But the main question which is the cornerstone is: How is COVID-19 changing the face of retail banking globally? This highly interactive business meeting will provide you with the valuable information and strategic key visions from the top European banking experts who will share their insights and experience. It is the right place to enjoy friendly atmosphere thanks to limited seats, experience many networking opportunities and establish important business contacts! Attend our conference and benefit from the opportunities shared by senior-level players representing the biggest banks in Europe.

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • Retail banking in the age of COVID-19
  • Collaboration between banks and FinTechs
  • Digital and mobile experience: Moving to relationship interactions
  • What is the best method to capture data analytics of customers?
  • Developing new & improved value proposition for customers in the digital era
  • How to achieve fusion between banking experience and the customer’s lifestyle?
  • The use of APIs for the transformation to an Open Banking platform
  • How is the pandemic influencing the retail banking workforce?
  • How retail banks can keep the lights on during the COVID-19 crisis and recalibrate for the future?
  • Addressing the growing popularity of mobile payments & e-payments
  • Distributed ledger technologies: Blockchain, bitcoin and augmented reality: Why are they well down the list of priorities?



Chief Enterprise Architect


Digitalisation Disruptor – The Capability Trap

The journey towards digitalisation can be an arduous one. For digitalisation to succeed, we need to ensure we have the buy-in of all stakeholders. Maintaining this may be harder than originally perceived, especially when the capability trap kicks in.

Pedro Pinto COELHO

Executive Chairman, CEO


Banks and FinTechs Cooperation

In a fast-evolving tech world, banks struggle to keep up with the latest innovations. A new FinTech ecosystem is growing fast across the world and banks need to embrace it to keep its competitiveness. Cooperation between FinTechs and banks is not easy but they need to learn how to overcome these difficulties.




The Effect of COVID-19 on the Banking Industry in South East Europe

The pace of change in the banking industry in South East Europe has increased significantly due to COVID-19. Is the change sustainable? What does the future look like in the region?

• Profile in the banking industry in SEE 6
• Banks: The solution or the problem?
• Customer behaviour changes as a result of COVID-19
• SEE banking by 2023


Director of Digital Strategic Studies


Banking Platforms Accelerated

We all see the strong changes in business and economy institutionalising platforms and ecosystems across industries including banking. Key players are transforming themselves into intermediators, processors and their combinations. Let’s discuss what today’s journeys of future winners are.

• What is driving the success of platforms
• BaaP and BaaS approaches?
• What are their “energisers” and catalysts?
• What are business opportunities around?
• And at first, where is the value and experience for the customer?


Former CTO, Managing Director IT Solutions


Agile? This Is Operations!

Agile ideas and practices have their roots in IT software development and only recently developed into a school of thought for general management. On the other end of the spectrum, IT operation units in banks have stayed as stronghold of process focus, specialisation and top-down KPIs. In this presentation, the speaker will provide some experience from Erste on how to make IT operations flexible, interesting for employees and provide more value to customers – without endangering stability.

• Agile, software, operations, banks
• Why operations are “different”
• Systemic challenges: Stability, specialisation, silos
• The way out – Practices & experience: Error culture, SRE, XFT, self-selecting teams

Very useful information, excellent content and very professional quality of speakers.

Senior Information Security Management Director at Raiffeisen Bank

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