This year Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies.
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VP, Digital Banking Group, Department Head of Digital Marketing and Sales
Head of Multichannel and Customer Experience
Global Head of Digital Architecture
Senior Information Security Management, Director
Head of Cybersecurity


Selected Case Studies from the Agenda

Maurice LISIHead of Multichannel and Customer Experience
Intesa Sanpaolo

Breakthrough the Digital Transformation

A wave of technological innovation has suddenly swept through the banking space bringing challenges and opportunity. However, banks has to focus on first on customer experience and later on understanding how technologies can help on delivery new value for the customer. The right combination of Customer and Technological Experience will be the key driver on next years.

  • Technological experience, are banks looking right way?
  • What about technological experience that is coming from FinTech environment?
  • Will banks be capable to combine technological and customer experience?
DNB Bank ID Solutions AS

How to build capabilities to a digital only customer experience – digital onboarding

How to make it simpler and faster for people to identify themselves – wherever they are

  • Identity, KYC and ALM – Challenges for banks
  • How to use a phone with NFC and biometric passport to identify
    yourself – DEMO
  • How to do your work to make a smooth customer journey
  • What is important going forward
Martin KOEBSenior Information Security Management, DirectorRaiffeisen Bank International AG

EU Cyber Security Regulations – Burden or Blessing?

Financial Institutions have recently been confronted with new security regulations which are sometimes redundant and sometimes not providing enough details on the implementation. This puts additional efforts and costs on security organizations without adding direct value. Nonetheless can compliance to these regulations introduce new technologies and approaches and help improve the security posture of individual companies as wee as the EU overall.

  • Requirements of recent EU security regulations
  • Disadvantages & advantages for Banks who need to be compliant
  • Concrete examples how the implementation of these requirements can foster new technologies to protect customers and Banks against fraud and cybersecurity threats
Franz REGULHead of Cybersecurity
Societe Generale

Challenges in the patient and site recruitment and retention in observational research

One the one hand, new technologies and evolving customer’s expectations make innovation an essential concern for business. On the other hands, cyber-threats have made the headlines and broken new ground these past few years. And yet for many innovation and cyber-security remains at odds. With this presentation, inspired by real-world examples, let’s review how they can coexist and even build upon each other.

  • Introductions: how people usually see business innovation and cyber-security
  • Why cyber-security needs business innovation
  • Why innovation needs cyber-security: an overview of threat trends
  • How do we meet: innovation IN cyber-security, when cyber-security creates new business opportunities, of cyber-security and agile processes
  • Conclusion: the remaining challenges and spare thoughts on how to address them